Kinnon Entertainment | Why We Love the Behringer X32 for Audio Rentals (And You Should, Too!)
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Why We Love the Behringer X32 for Audio Rentals (And You Should, Too!)

behringer x32

Why We Love the Behringer X32 for Audio Rentals (And You Should, Too!)

02:37 24 February in Blog, Products

Deciding what sort of console to rent for your upcoming event can be a confusing task if you’re not familiar with the products. Even if you have worked with digital consoles in the past, there may be new choices on the market that provide better quality and features than your old tried and true mixer.  While Behringer has long been known for making cost-effective products, their X32 Model has been called a game changer as a full-featured digital mixing console.  First released several years ago after Behringer purchased two British companies, Midas and Klark Teknik, the X32 is an exciting digital mixer that is an excellent choice for someone looking for quality audio rentals for an important event.

 Advanced I/O

For its compact size, the X32 mixer features an ambitious supply of inputs and outputs, making it an ideally flexible event rentals mixer.  The X32 is a 32-channel, 16-bus mixer with 16 balanced XLR outputs, and six 1/4″ TRS auxiliary inputs.

Comprehensive Controls

The Behringer X32 provides the user with 25 long-throw, 100 mm motorized servo faders that allow simultaneous group level control with the ability to attach signals to eight DCA (digitally controlled amplifier) groups.  The built-in mic in the X32’s talkback section allows the user to stay in communication with the performers, and the scene management feature can provide snapshots of mixes that can be recalled later.

Intuitive Design

When selecting a mixer for event rentals, being able to get up to speed quickly is generally a top criterion.  The intuitive nature of the Behringer X32 makes this a top choice for console rentals because of its display features and compatibility.  The X32’s 7″ day-viewable color display gives the user high contrast access to control effects, metering, routing, and much more with just the press of a button.  The X32 is also compatible with major DAWs such as Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase, and Logic.

Other Features

Other top features that make the X32 a popular choice include:

  • 29 programmable LCD Scribble Strips
  • Integrated Sends on Fader Feature
  • iOS Apps for Remote Operation
  • Powerful Scene Management Capability

As you look for the ideal digital mixer for your next event, finding a product that has the right blend of features and intuitive operation is important.  The Behringer X32 is a popular and reliable choice in audio rentals for just these reasons.

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