Kinnon Entertainment | Other Equipment
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Other Equipment

1 Motionlabs 1300-200A-12-2-00 200A 3 Phse Power Distro
2 Stage Maker SR05 1/2 Motorized Chain Hoist
2 Globat Truss ST-180 Heavy Duty 18ft Crank Lift w/ Truss Adaptors
2 Globat Truss ST-160 Medium Duty 16ft Crank Lift w/ Truss Adaptors
18 Stage Right 4x8ft Stage Decks Black w/ Legs
1 Stage Right Stairs 8ft
1 8×6 Drum Riser 12″ Riser
1 CAT 45kw Generator Diesel Generator
1 Viewsonic Projector pj503d
1 Projection Screen 6ft
1 Projection Screen 8ft
1 Projection Screen Daylite 4ft Pull-Up
1 Projector -ipro image Rosco

Our inventory is always growing and we can source any specific gear needed.  We work in partnership with many other production companies in the region so please contact us with your exact needs and we can find a solution.