Kinnon Entertainment | Audio
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Audio Rental Equipment

16 JBL VTX V20 Large Format Line Array Speaker
8 JBL VTX G28 Dual 18″ Subwoofer
8 JBL VRX 928 LA Medium Format Line Array Speaker
4 JBL SRX 728 Dual 18″ Subwoofer
6 JBL SRX 712M Passive Monitor Wedges
6 JBL SRX 812M Passive Monitor Wedges
8 JBL PRX 712 Powered Speaker
2 JBL PRX 418 Passive 18″ Subwoofer
2 JBL PRX 718XLF Powered 18″ Subwoofer
4 Appoggee AE5 Two Way 12″ Arrayable Loudspeaker
1 QSC HPR151W Powered 15″ Subwoofer
2 Mackie SRM1801 Powered 18″ Subwoofer
2 Mackie SRM150 Compact Powered PA Speaker
2 Mackie SRM350 Powered Loudspeaker
6 Crown iTech 4×3500 Amplifier in V Racks
6 Crown iTech 12000 Amplifier in V Racks
8 Crown xti4000 DSP Amplifier
2 Crown xti4002 DSP Amplifier
8 Crown Macrotech 24×6 Audio Analyst Custom Amplifier
1 Crown xti1000 DSP Amplifier
1 Lab Gruppen fp6400 Power Amplifier
1 Crown Macrotech 5000vz Power Amplifier
1 Crown Macrotech 2400 Power Amplifier
1 Crown Macrotech 1200 Power Amplifier
2 Behringer X32 Digital Console
1 Soundcraft GB4 Analog Console
2 Mackie 1402 Analog Console
1 Peavy uma12 Analog Console
1 Shure ULXD4D Dual Wireless Receiver
2 Shure ULXD2/SM58 SM58 Wireless Handheld Mic
1 Shure ULX-P4 Wireless Receiver
1 Shure ULX2/58 SM58 Wireless Handheld Mic
2 Shure PG58 Unit Wireless SM58 and Mic w/ Receiver
4 Sennheiser G3 IEM Unit Wireless In Ear Monitor Transmitter and Body Pack
1 Sennheiser ew-100 sk100 Wireless Mic Kit
1 Whirlwind Rack Mount 3 Way Splitter 48×10 1 Direct 2 Iso Split
1 W4 FOH Pipe W4 to W4 Pipe 250ft
2 W12 Fanout 48×10 Multi to Fan 1-10ft    1-25ft
1 Rapco Split Snake 2 Way 32×8 XLR 1-150ft    1-25ft
1 Straight Snake 32×8 XLR 100ft

Our inventory is always growing and we can source any specific gear needed.  We work in partnership with many other production companies in the region so please contact us with your exact needs and we can find a solution.